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And suddenly I was left with a bricked Motorola 1920

A ComHem customer experience

The massive commercial impact finally got to me. I contacted ComHem, ordering a subscription on their on demand television service. Upon arrival, I immediately started setting the box up. Once updated and ready, I started noticing peculiar behaviour. I dismissed it as low quality software.

One evening I was facing the prospect of viewing an entire episode of Midsummer Murders. Since my experience of that show provided me with about half an hour of spare time before the first dramaturgical turn, I started fiddling with the audio/video settings of the box. Suddenly the box bricked on me. I diagnosed a BSOD after having tried all available connections, from composite, through SCART to HDMI.

The next day I contacted ComHem helpdesk. They were very helpful and sent me an RMA right away. A week later I had a new box in the mail.

The new box performed somewhat better than its predecessor. However the low quality software providing a horrible user experience was still there. I was now able to start using the box as intended though. It was at this stage I started noticing issues that I couldn't discard as being produced by poor QA of the software. The EPG list flickering and subtitles partly missing on some of the channels were the most notable ones.

I decided to once again resort to the ComHem helpdesk. I made two separate enquiries and got two different checklists to perform to try and pinpoint the issues. Basically these were, make a hard reboot of the box, reset the box to its factory defaults, change the coax cable to the box and finally check the Signal-To-Noise ratio before and after changing the cable. After having performed these steps and ensuring that there wasn't any problem with the SNR, I recalled ComHem helpdesk. This time the support guy finally understood that he had to contact their tech support to elevate the case.

One week later i got a text message on my phone letting me know that the technical dept. of ComHem had made changes to my installation, and that my issues should be fixed. And presto, the issues had dissapeared.